Security Camera System Features

Video security technology has drastically improved over the last twenty years and we have security camera system features now that werenít even in their infancy just 10 years ago.If you havenít shopped for a video security system before, the laundry list of standard features can be a bit daunting at first glance and you may feel in over your head. Donít panic. Whether youíre looking for a small, entry level system to secure your home or your security needs are a little more complex, there are 5 security system features that every location will benefit from using.

Night Vision Monitoring

Being able to clearly capture details on video at night is a crucial component of any CCTV system.

Weatherproof Camera Housings

As security camera technology becomes more advanced, the internal components also become more sensitive to dirt, water, and fluctuations in temperature.

Motion Detection Recording

Motion detection recording can be triggered by swaying trees, passing traffic, and sharp shadows, but your system can be configured to ignore specific areas of the cameraís field of view and the triggerís sensitivity can be adjusted as well.

H.264 Video Compression

H.264 is the latest and greatest video compression codec that greatly reduces the demands on your video recorderís storage space and transmission bandwidth.

Remote Access on Smartphones / Tablets

This security camera system feature is peace of mind in your pocket,at any time of day or night.

Lightning Arrestr Features

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